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Re: Random Video Game Thoughts

Postby Ikoma » Fri Jun 11, 2021 1:58 pm

tombombodil wrote:
Ikoma wrote:Really impressed with the changes Epic made to the Fortnite Battle Pass reward system for this season.

Did they remove even 20% of the nauseating, insidiously manipulative, overtly weaponized hooks and triggers? Because based on Epic-Tencent's general design attitude since the merger, I would be also impressed if they did even that much.

No? I mean... no, skinner box is fully engaged. They just gave the player more choice in how to proceed.

Old Battle Pass rewards. You earn X xp and get reward R for each level of the pass. X and R are always fixed. You get the banana harvesting tool at level 32. Period. For everyone.

New Battle Pass rewards. You earn X xp and get 5 stars for each level of the pass. You can then spend your stars on all the same items that would have been in the pass rewards - but you get to decide the order. There is still some gating to keep some rewards unavailable until you've hit higher levels. But starting at level 1, you've got 10 (I think) choices. What do YOU want? Oh, and if you don't want any of these, you can save your stars. The next set of reward options will open up once you have either purchased X rewards -OR- you've hit a level trigger (say level 10 to unlock page 2). Basically, it just lets you prioritize which order you receive the rewards.

My buddy likes to collect all the bling for a new character before he gets the actual skin so he can equip everything at once. I prefer to get the skin first since I often mix and match bling to get the character I want. We can both get it the way we want it. OR.... occasionally there is a skin I just really do not care about. Under the old pass, I got them... whether I wanted them or not. Now? I can just skip them, save my stars for something else that I do want. My daughter (whom I play with) has a skin she really wants to buy. She has some V-Bucks left over from Christmas but needs 50 to have enough to buy the new skin. So she can prioritize unlocking the V-Bucks rewards first.

Just... they gave us choices but we're still inside the same systems.

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