San Diego, CA Tabletop, Boardgames, and brew?

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San Diego, CA Tabletop, Boardgames, and brew?

Postby Sinstrider » Tue Jun 20, 2017 12:34 am

kinda new to the area, wondering if any FTB fans also around looking to play some board games?

Typical game night:
Werewolf, Codenames, Space Cadets Dice Duels, Captain Sonar, & an assortment of others

Beer of choice:
Red Trolley Ale, but Strongbow is also a group fave

Current tabletop game I'm interested in running/playing:
Coriolis: The Third Horizon

Previously ran:
Battletech(with Mechwarrior 2nd edition combo!), Shadowrun 5th, X-wing homebaked scenarios/campaign, and a few others

EDIT: come now don't be shy some of you have seen the post :P feel free to say hi

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