Psychic Game in Vilna Alberta (Hodgepocalypse)

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Psychic Game in Vilna Alberta (Hodgepocalypse)

Postby shadesofeternity » Mon Feb 01, 2021 5:36 am

Not sure if this goes here, but feel to move it as needed:


Starting a thread for brainstorming purposes and to get ideas and plot for next Sunday.

First a bit of background.

The game is the Hodgepocalypse (my post-post-apocalyptic game with magic created with the 5e system and my own crazed imagination) that currently takes place in central Alberta.

The party is all psychic. cat psychic warrior, garter folk pyrokinetic, harvester mastermind, little bear rocker. we're testing our psychic rules (feel free to ask questions and I'm more than happy to send a complimentary copy of the material)

They have traveled from the great Mall (a dystopian mall run by a crazed AI) to return a gremlin to its people in Vilna, Alberta.

This tweet has a map of Vilna. The weather will be what it is upcoming Sunday. Monday: -8 degrees Celcius / 17 degrees Fahrenheit with plenty of snow from the last week (what are the 5e environmental rules for this again?).

The town is in a bio-organic mushroom forest. The link is for 3e, but it should give a general idea:

The big bad for the game is the Pencil Pushers, a secret organization created by the survivors of CSIS/Revenue Canada. Most agents are psychic. They have kidnapped most of the gremlin folk from Vilna. Still trying to figure out why, but their organization is obsessed with the anti-revelations equation (a magical incantation powered by math to turn the world back to the way it was) and somehow the gremlin's can be a power source for it.


What I mainly need is post-apocalyptic encounter ideas in each building on the map as well as any overhead maps for d20 (I got a few, but always curious what other people come up with.

I already know there is a Boreal Tiger in the area (take the standard tiger, make it so it has a psychic invisibility cloak and a bad attitude towards the party to give the game a bit of the Movie Predator vibe).

Open to any and all suggestions...ty kindly. :)

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