Help Finalizing A Risus Small Town Wrestling System

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Help Finalizing A Risus Small Town Wrestling System

Postby Breaker » Sun Jun 14, 2015 11:45 pm

Excuse my lack of forum type-setting or finesse, I don't usually have these conversations online.

I've put together a small, Risus-based wrestling tabletop system and I would like some help adding some details to it and addressing some issues. This is a game I might run play by post, but I'm probably going to keep it in reserve as a go-to con thing as well.

Alright, the system works like this. In normal Risus, you come up with 4 cliches (on average) and work with them, however, the game aims for simple so usually you have one or two supporting combat cliches and that's about it. In wrestling, I believe the cliches themselves are almost always focused on the action, with the gimmick or personality being the supporting element.

As such, in my game the cliches are mostly chosen for you in the variety of stunt cliches wrestling usually entails.

High Risk
Cheating (It's its own combat style, trust me)
and Pummeling

It is encouraged that these be renamed as such, Karate (Striking), Suplex (Power), etc. for personalization

You also have the Gimmick category of cliches, such as Wise Ass (Gimmick), or Ex-Marine (Gimmick)

You get 10 points for Cliches as normal, but you get one point of Gimmick for free.

You also have Hype, which is a mechanical currency that you gain for certain things that allow you to perform Specials/Finishers.

You get 3 Finishers to start the game off with, they also have a rating that determines their use and cost.

The Great Pyramid (Power) Rating 2. That means it costs two Hype to use and adds 2 dice to your Power cliche for that one move.

You can only create a Finisher of a rating up to your stat in that cliche. So if Bellows Bailey has Sumo (Power) 4, he can only create a Power Finisher of up to rating 4. If Bellows loses some Sumo dice during combat, his Power Finisher can still be used (still providing 4 dice) until Sumo is completely depleted.

Back to Gimmick, during your turn you can use your Gimmick cliche to give you an amount of Hype equal to your successes (rather than attack that turn).

You get Hype equal to the amount of successes you win by during a combat exchange -1. The maximum amount of Hype you can bank at any one time is equal to the amount of dice you've lost during this scene. You can also start with some Hype based on stuff you've done to hype (lower case) the match up before hand.

During an exchange, the attacker chooses a gimmick to use, like say Striking, the defender has to roll their Striking as well, if you do not have that cliche at all, you still roll one dice, but instead of succeeding on two faces (5 and 6), you succeed only on 1 (6). If you lose on the Defense, you have to get rid of a dice from any cliche (including Gimmick, "NOT IN THE FACE"), but if you lose on Offense, it has to come from the cliche you were using.

You can choose to Pin when you succeed at an attack, then on the opponent's turn they fail their attack. It takes your action, and you roll one of your cliches vs. all of your opponent's remaining (non gimmick) dice. There is no penalty to the attacker for losing, and even if the Defender ties or succeeds they are tired and roll one less on their next attack (but don't technically lose any dice).

Pinning loses you the match. You also lose if you run out of Non-Gimmick dice. At that point, if you have no Gimmick left, you are knocked out or removed from the match by the refs/docs/count out, if you do have Gimmick left, you can lose through retreating or disqual. ( you don't lose a Title this way )

Also, if you successfully defend an attack, and then use the same cliche to attack back on your turn, its a counter and you get +1 dice on that roll.

Generally speaking, there's no combination cliche stuff like Risus usually has, since the combat is actually meant to be somewhat strategic. Heels outside of matches add their Gimmick to surprise attacks, and Baby-Faces/Antiheroes add their Gimmick to a Justified/Revenge attack.

That's what I have, I would like help dealing with two issues.
1) Currently all of the cliche categories except Gimmick work the exact same way, I would like some small but significant differences ideas on how to make them actually feel like you're playing a Luchador vs an Olypic Wrestler vs a Martial Artist. More small rules like Counters would be nice too

2)Currently, the best characters literally put all their points into one Gimmick, i.e. Cheating 10 is generally better than Cheating 1/Striking 4/Power 2/ Pummel 1. Its not sooooo bad, because a well distributed person can still keep up for most of the match, but a super-concentrated character is generally treated better by the rules. I'd like a way to focus it more on more evenly distributed characters without just capping how high you can make a Gimmick.

I'm also accepting help in telling me how I could make this post more readable, etc.

Thank you everyone and anyone!

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Re: Help Finalizing A Risus Small Town Wrestling System

Postby DJZachLorton » Sun Jul 05, 2015 12:19 pm

Dude. Weapons.

Folding chair.
Baseball bat.
Luchador mask.

You get the idea. Pretty cool concept. I ran a Risus game at FtC8, and it was pretty fun, but I agree, there are some limitations to Risus in its purest form.
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