Episode 481 - Trap Card

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Re: Episode 481 - Trap Card

Postby Triggerhappy938 » Tue Apr 10, 2018 2:25 am

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Ooooh I cannot stand the "fluff padding" player. One of the worst I've had to deal with also brought in an element of metagaming where he would make characters who's expertise mirrored fields he either had expertise in or *thought* he had expertise in. So, for example, playing, say, a hacker, he'd explain exactly what he was doing and how if he did what he was doing there was no way anything could go wrong so there was no reason to roll in a game where hacking is a skill you roll on. Every roll was a debate. He couldn't just make a character that was mathematically good at a thing (in part because this player also wanted his character to be good at everything relevant to a given genre) he was mathematically mediocre at everything and tried to make up with this padding.
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Re: Episode 481 - Trap Card

Postby VaMinion » Tue Apr 10, 2018 8:37 am

I should have added this part to my last post.

Something I do as a GM that helps deal with this is politely cutting the player off and telling them the extra details aren't needed. That usually shuts them up. I also explicitly ask them to describe their action in detail when it is relevant. They may still pad too much when I ask, but I prefer that to mistakenly screwing a player over. But it probably helps that I'm not a gotcha GM.
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