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Episode 432 – minding your role
by Dan Repperger

* (0:31) Welcoming back Chris, Julia, and Pat.

* (1:32) Thanking John Ely for Pugmire and Chris Ings for an outstanding coloring book. The coming war between Corgi and Pug owners.

* (8:19) Movie scenes that disturbed us as children. Sharing a Coke with the princess from Neverending Story.

* (17:48) People stepping on each other’s toes in Julia’s game. Keeping to your role.

* (24:15) Whether Pathfinder may be the wrong game for this particular group.

* (26:30) Picking a good first game for new roleplayers.

* (31:53) Back to whether this group is even playing the right game.

* (34:31) Throwing tons of dice as a way of breaking the spirit of a system.

* (42:38) Sending a message through sabotage.

Hosts: Chad, Chris, Dan, Julie, Pat

Episode 431 – gamification of an RPG, redux
by Dan Repperger

* (0:29) Gnarl’s commentary on a sourcebook for gnolls in 5th edition D&D gets taken a bit too seriously.

* (8:41) Dan’s house, Chad’s faux passport, a Twitter poll about homebrewing, roleplaying about roleplaying, and the creativity of gamers.

* (18:23) The revenge of the gamification of gaming. The original episode on the topic. Duolingo and Habitica.

* (25:53) Explaining what it means to gamify a game. Rare Elements Foundry (which was mistakenly called Rare Earth in the show) and Oriental Trading.

* (32:59) When positive incentive is preferable to negative confrontation.

* (46:13) Boiling down the advice and annoyance.

Hosts: Brodeur, Chad, Dan, Wayne

Bonus Episode 72 – more Peter
by Dan Repperger

* (1:03) A shout-out to Richard Thomas and Aaron Sturgill. Fear the Con X, AcadeCon, and a total breakdown in communication.

* (4:27) Brodeur gets jealous and Dan throws shade at Gamerstable.

* (12:27) Brodeur gets on Facebook, and Dan starts the Doomsday Clock.

* (25:49) Pete’s start in RPGs, condescension from RIFTS, and a GM on the railroad.

* (37:52) Wayne’s go-to generic game.

* (38:51) The therapeutic value of roleplaying games. The Bodhana Group. Dreamchaser’s dream mechanic as a metaphor for approaching life goals (Kickstarter link, Imagining Games site).

* (52:46) Developing a character’s past, present, and future. The Logan trailer as an exercise in game arc design.

Hosts: Brodeur, Dan, Pete, Wayne

Interview 39 – Pete Petrusha
by Dan Repperger

* (0:33) A natural first question presents itself. Magic by Mick Smiley. The story of Pete and Brodeur’s love.

* (8:44) Imagining Games and the Dreamchaser Kickstarter. Pete was previously mentioned in Episode 418.

* (9:30) The end as the beginning. The dream and milestone mechanic in Dreamchaser.

* (16:12) A sample dream and set of milestones to demonstrate how they work.

* (20:33) The value of focusing on story before setting.

* (24:45) What has Pete learned from running this? What does this book give us? What’s the game system like?

* (31:18) The duration of a Dreamchaser game.

* (37:53) The belief mechanic and how it relates to dreams and milestones.

* (47:25) Designing a game’s story like a movie trailer.

* (50:20) Some examples from games that have been run during the play test.

* (59:56) How strangely well Dreamchaser would work for Mystery Men.

Hosts: Brodeur, Dan, Wayne

Guests: Pete

Episode 430 – knowing the future
by Dan Repperger

* (0:47) An update on Pat. The GoFundMe page to help him and Beth with medical costs. You can follow his status on Caring Bridge.

* (4:05) Sugar-free candy, bloopers, and Wayne’s butt…?

* (13:45) Prophecy and otherwise letting PCs see the future.

* (17:22) Letting the prediction be only a possible future.

* (21:00) Keeping the predictions vague.

* (22:16) The “problem” of player agency.

* (25:12) Removing the PCs from the equation.

* (26:35) Sensing present situations instead of future events.

* (28:53) Scaling the time between prediction and fulfillment.

* (37:53) The consequences of trying to change the future.

* (43:35) Deferring to the GM so they can play to things they control.

* (48:08) Leaving the prediction neither fulfilled nor contradicted.

* (56:10) Fulfilling the prediction “in medias res”.

Hosts: Brodeur, Chad, Dan, Wayne

Episode 429 – stealing systems for stories
by Dan Repperger

* (0:35) False alarm on Dan’s interview on Talking Tabletop, but it’s out now (part 1 and part 2).

* (2:06) Chad’s unexpected take on Alien: Covenant. The increasing social ubiquity of science fiction. The Fault in Our Mars. Laurell K. Hamilton plugs Fear the Con X.

* (17:19) A Thai-rade and the importance of ordering spiciness correctly. White people mild.

* (25:29) Adapting existing roleplaying games to things they were never meant to accommodate. Blades in the Dark to Rogue One or Star Wars Rebels. Dresden Files RPG to a far-future homebrew.

* (32:34) Not getting lost in the weeds. Recognizing the broad-strokes that fit your needs.

* (39:24) Recognizing what a game wasn’t meant to illustrate.

Hosts: Chad, Dan

Episode 428 – weapon X card
by Dan Repperger

* (0:27) The German-language podcast, Eskapodcast.

* (2:17) Dan’s idea about “cabinet GMing” that Brodeur, Scott, and the Germans are trying to steal. Having other GMs handle the actions of major NPCs to keep their actions independent and unpredictable.

* (12:27) Today’s topic: VaMinion steals Dan’s idea, which was stolen from Wayne, which was stolen from Scott. Shielding a character from certain risks by virtue of who or what they are. The prior discussion on the X card can be found on this episode and across several pages of the accompanying forum discussion.

* (18:47) Why the group template may not help you dodge this issue.

* (24:10) Laundering real social issues through fictional elements.

* (27:17) Does the dog die?

* (31:14) Some approaches for dealing with this. Pregame conversation. Dry-run scenes. Simply not allowing it.

* (42:37) The zero session, and surviving the cemetery gates. Life changes during the game.

Hosts: Broduer, Dan, Wayne

Bonus Episode 71 – songs we hate, pets we love
by Dan Repperger

* (0:22) Warning: Content is out of order, like Witcher novels or Firefly.

* (1:12) Magic button of Annihilation: What Christmas song would you obliterate?

* (7:18) Brodeur hates Trans Siberian Orchestra. Dan’s ghetto heart isn’t satisfied.

* (10:20) Dan’s exotic pets: An otter!

* (13:40) Dan’s defense of broadening the definition of “pet animals”, but first some important caveats.

* (19:43) The difference between tame and domesticated animals. A lion showing affection to its rescuer. Dogs seeking help from humans when wolves don’t (experiment 1, experiment 2).

* (27:47) The value of interaction with exotic animals. Dan’s pet spider, Hermine (nee Herman). Click beetles.

* (41:32) Brodeur goes too far.

Hosts: Brodeur, Dan, Wayne

Bonus Episode 70 – hip-hop
by Dan Repperger

* (0:18) Dan and Chad were quoting Still Talkin (NSFW language warning).

* (2:19) Music you listen to at the most formative moments of your life. Jidenna’s Long Live the Chief and Method Man’s Bulletproof Love.

* (9:29) Del the Funky Homosapien. Alex Trebek’s comments on nerdcore and the response song, Who is Alex Trebek?

* (17:48) Dan and Chad pick their top three. Afrika Bambaataa. DJ Kool’s Let Me Clear My Throat. Alphabet Aerobics and Chemical Calisthenics.

* (26:08) Brodeur makes his picks. Pop Goes the Weasel by 3rd Bass.

* (30:34) The use of personae and backstory in hip-hop.

Hosts: Broduer, Chad, Dan

Episode 427 – difficulty
by Dan Repperger

* (0:47) I lied about part 2, but part 1 of my interview with Jim McClure is out!

* (2:50) XCOM 2 gets us thinking about setting the level of challenge in a tabletop roleplaying game.

* (9:59) Games that get easier versus games that get harder.

* (13:18) The kinds of challenge. Combat encounters, roleplaying, puzzles, mystery, etc.

* (20:07) Identifying the type of narrative experience the players and GM are trying to get out of the game.

* (23: 06) Why start the challenge low for veteran players? Ebbs and flows. Difficulty as a path instead of a moment.

* (33:16) Always having a way forward. Richard Pryor scared for no reason.

* (39:34) The importance of downbeats in the story. The right type of failure. The Heisman Trophy and the Ghetto Heisman.

* (52:33) Knowing the reason for the specific challenge. Avoiding banal struggles. Bambi vs Godzilla.

Hosts: Brodeur, Chad, Dan

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