Episode 432 – minding your role
by Dan Repperger

* (0:31) Welcoming back Chris, Julia, and Pat.

* (1:32) Thanking John Ely for Pugmire and Chris Ings for an outstanding coloring book. The coming war between Corgi and Pug owners.

* (8:19) Movie scenes that disturbed us as children. Sharing a Coke with the princess from Neverending Story.

* (17:48) People stepping on each other’s toes in Julia’s game. Keeping to your role.

* (24:15) Whether Pathfinder may be the wrong game for this particular group.

* (26:30) Picking a good first game for new roleplayers.

* (31:53) Back to whether this group is even playing the right game.

* (34:31) Throwing tons of dice as a way of breaking the spirit of a system.

* (42:38) Sending a message through sabotage.

Hosts: Chad, Chris, Dan, Julie, Pat

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mrm1138February 17th, 2017 at 11:59 am

I found it interesting that you specifically mention D&D 4th edition as a good game for newcomers. I decided that I wanted to start playing D&D right around the time 4e was released. Perhaps it was because I had a background in neither tabletop nor video game RPGs, but the mechanical concepts just baffled me. I even tried playing the stater set with a friend and, aside from not being able to wrap my head around the rules, the board gamey nature of it really turned us off.

It wasn’t until 5e that I found myself really able to grasp how the game works. Since then, I’ve gone back and looked at 4e’s rules again, and they now make sense to me.

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