Episode 340 – buttons and levers
by Dan Repperger

* (0:39) The buffalo sentence.

* (2:00) Chad and Dan are really, really famous.  Or at least random people seem to think so.

* (7:15) A forbidden episode has been released on the forums.  You can find it here.

* (9:34) People that look only to their character sheets for answers to everything in a game.

* (12:25) The finite nature of most games when compared to the near-infinite options of a roleplaying game.

* (17:58) Is this even a problem?

* (20:05) Advice for people in this situation.

* (24:53) When Game Masters have the same problem.

Hosts: Chad, Dan

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GVMay 27th, 2014 at 11:58 am

I think the tendency for people to stare at their character sheet comes from modern game systems (p&p and video games) which emphasize stats so much.

Modern game systems rely heavily on Ability Score + Modifiers + Dice for all but the most basic situation. But I’d take it a step further and say that even difficult situations don’t need it. The first time I went back and played Basic D&D I was confused by the fact there were only ability scores and no modifiers (and no real “system” to speak of). I came to understand that these scores were simply numbers to help ‘describe’ the character in a general way, not depend upon for dice rolling. Rather than success being based purely upon what the dice outcome was, it was up to the GM to rule on the outcomes based on these general ‘description’ factors.

I think you guys are really hinting at the need for people to go back to a more old-school style of game-play. You have probably read Matthew Finch’s “Quick Primer for Old School Gaming”, but I thought about this when you guys were talking about this. After reading (and re-reading) this, it completely changed the way I look at gaming. If you -haven’t- read it, it’s a must-read. I also wrote about how I do my encounter resolution which rarely uses the character sheet or die at all. http://tinyurl.com/ldff864

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