The Second XCOM Saga, part 51, interlude 55
by Dan Repperger

As written by Chris Mais…

From: cmais@xcomops.com
Sent: November-30-2017 7:02 PM
To: dan@xcomops.com
Subject: psych eval


I am submitting myself for psych evaluation after this recent skirmish in Kansas City, and for genetic testing to see if there has been any post-manifestation of psychic powers…or if I’m suffering a hallucination projecting itself into my mind as a symptomatic response to PTSD following some sort of psychotic break or crisis event. I can not say as I am not a psychologist, psychiatrist, or psychotherapist, and I have no mastery of the understanding of the grey matter within the closed, dark confines of my skull. The language it is speaking to me might as well be Babylonian or ancient Sanskrit writing on crumbled stone, dancing with Fortran and assembly language and Pascal and ASP.NET, colliding with each other with a helix sequence of RNA on the pulverized rock, giving way to entropy and silt at the bottom of ocean of littered bodies, each a version of myself at various points in time — of men I have been reaching up to me pointing up at the skies in warning as they are holding their throats suffocating with the other hand.

It means something…something that needs to be worked out to conclusion as the safety of my teammates is reliant on my lucidity and ability to perform in intense combat situations.

Whether this is a portent or a disability, I must know and so must you to determine my fitness for duty, and if there is any validity to any remnant of genetic reinvention and lingering or residual transhuman presence in my body, hidden since the first war.

As written by Dan Repperger…

From: dan@xcomops.com
Sent: November-30-2017 8:52 PM
To: cmais@xcomops.com
Subject: Re: psych eval

Your request has been granted.  As soon as the roster allows, you will be sent to the psi lab for testing.  Failing that, we can explore the options of psychotherapy to heal the emotional wounds or gene therapy to heal any physical trauma left by the implants you took on in the prior conflict.

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