The Second XCOM Saga, part 48
by Dan Repperger

November 7th, 2017…

  • A large scout saucer is spotted over the UK.  We scramble a Firestorm to respond.
  • The two ships trade fire, but the Firestorm wins an easy victory.
  • Based on information from the hyperwave decoder, Dr. Shen believes there to be 10 aliens that survived the crash, and it looks like a bunch of their more dangerous units.
  • Chad is tapped to lead the ground assault.  He will be accompanied by Chris Mais, John, Beth, Chris Hussey, and Krenzke.  Dan takes C3.
  • The Sky Ranger lands in the wilderness, the dark night lit only by fires still burning among the mangled trees.  Chad orders the team forward and into cover.
  • The team notes a lot of aural contacts, but no direct sightings.
  • Three elites emerge from the brush to our right.  They lob grenades and fire rifles, hitting Chad, Krenzke, and Beth, though armor holds for all three of them.
  • Krenzke and Beth both tag an elite.  Hussey rushes forward, lowers his launcher, and puts a grenade between the pair of xenos, killing one, and destroying the cover the other had been using.
  • Chad shoots the third elite but fails to kill it.
  • John slips forward just enough to see one of the surviving elites.  He closes his eyes and lets his mind slip into the alien gestalt.  Emotions, images, and whispers fill his mind, most of them indiscernible.  But then he finds the mind of the elite and begins feeding it new ideas.  This mental slave now ignores its prophets and serves the cause of man.
  • The final elite flees the scene, apparently unwilling to fire on its former ally.
  • John reports the elite knows where the Meld canisters are located.  Caring nothing for the creature, Chad tells him to have it try and recover them.  The rest of the team cleans up their cover and firing line.
  • The elite charges toward the Meld and sets off a hulk and bully.  They also seem to lack any interest in fighting their ally and move toward our team.
  • While the hulk doesn’t come into view, the team spots the bully a moment later and cuts it down.
  • John reports having lost control of his friend.
  • When the hulk finally arrives, it’s met with a wall of fire.  Several shots miss, but enough hit home to put the alien in the dirt.
  • The team moves forward.
  • One of our missing elites comes back for another run on the team.  Its shots go wide.  Krenzke, however, doesn’t miss and puts an end to the xeno.
  • A smith and two grays charge from the north.  Mais drops one of the grays, but the other two disappear back into the shadows.
  • As our team prepares, the smith makes its move.  Shots are traded, but neither side does much damage.
  • A surviving gray makes contact with the smith’s psychic receptor and puts up a shield.
  • Following the mental strands, John moves past and receptor and finds the mind of the pilot.  The smith now answers to him.
  • Beth guns down the gray.
  • Though it no longer has its sheild, the smith is still a formidable unit.  John sends it off to the north, scouting out the area.  It isn’t long before it spots the edge of the alien saucer.  Our long-lost elite is standing there.  The last thing it sees is a once-friendly smith spraying plasma.
  • John loses control of the smith.  Apparently a bit embarrassed by its own treachery, the alien cyborg turns around and attacks.  However, before it can get off a single shot, our waiting team hits it again and again, forcing the monster to its grave.
  • With no other alien contacts out on the field, Chad gathers up the team to breach the saucer.  We already know the route, since the smith was kind enough to scout it out for John.
  • From the edge of the saucer, the team can hear a voice speaking aloud in a hollow, echoing chant, using a language we don’t understand.  “You’ve got a prophet in there,” Dan notes from C3.
  • Not wanting to distract the team, Dan sends a note to Tex.  Why would a species that communicates with its equals and subordinates through telepathy have a spoken language, much less use it so frequently?
  • The team reaches the command room and prepares around the doorway.  Chad counts down from three and then signals the breach.
  • When the barrier drops, we can see a room filled with the holographic control consoles of the alien ship, and standing behind them is a prophet and its elite bodyguard.
  • Acting almost without thinking, John feeds his own thoughts right back to the local source of the gestalt, and the prophet writhes for a moment before submitting to his will.  (AUTHOR’S NOTE: No save scumming or other cheats were used to make that happen.  He genuinely made the roll.)
  • Mais takes the head off of the elite with a single shot from his sniper rifle.
  • The team stands around for a moment with the only remaining alien now on our side.  Curious just how far he can push this freak, John instructs it to begin tearing itself apart in a storm of psychic energy.  It complies, and odd distortions fill the air, shredding its robes and desiccated body.
  • Deciding play-time is over, Chad waves Hussey ahead.  A single punch from his massive, robotic frame sends the prophet tumbling head over heels through the air, smashing into a wall, and hitting the ground, dead.
  • 10 xenos dead, and not a single scratch to our team beyond armor damage.

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