Bonus Episode 46 – get out of my game
by Dan Repperger

If you need an extra dose of Fear the Boot this week, Dan was a guest on two other podcasts.  First, he appeared on Saving the Game to talk about the moral dimension of folklore and re-imagining tabletop fantasy in a monotheistic paradigm.  Second, he appeared on Pros & Cons to talk about the nitty gritty of hosting a convention.

As a side note, while Pros & Cons has a similar “no politics, no religion” policy to our own, Saving the Game is a Christian podcast.  It’s not aggressive toward other worldviews, but consider this fair warning that it does carry an overtly religious perspective.

* (0:05) Chris demands the bonus episode disclaimer.  Johann delivers!

* (1:19) The premise (and ditched titled) for the episode.

* (1:33) The problem with Chris.

* (4:10) Back to the prior topic!  What Dan wants gone: the “traitor” mechanic.

* (7:33) What Johann wants gone: cursed items.

* (15:53) What Chris wants gone: a lack of time and rules lawyers.

* (26:29) What John wants gone: not being a kid, anymore.

* (29:03) Playing across the gender aisle.

* (32:58) Real-life versus your gaming life.

* (34:25) The one piece of equipment your characters always have.  Plus encumbrance, belladonna, and garlic.

* (42:29) Casting times, damage type versus armor type, and negative pressure.

Hosts: Chris, Dan, Johann, John, Pat

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StoneNovember 29th, 2012 at 12:34 pm

One of my friends runs a Pathfinder game that has extensive realism and encumberance rules. It’s interesting to have to keep track of things like whether or not I’m wearing my armor while riding my horse, the effects of sleeping outside vs in a tent, or where on my person a given item is being carried. At first it was a bit weird when the GM said to me: “The temperature is about 80, you’re a bit uncomfortable. Do you keep your armor on?”

I sort of want to play something like a Gnome or a Goblin in a game like that, just to deliberately come up against these limits regularly.

My problem is that the GMs who worry about these things also tend to do things like letting you wander the wilderness for days without finding anything. We quite literally spent an entire real-life gaming session in pursuit of some thieves, and didn’t catch up or have any combat, only encountering various wilderness, which got boring.

MintskittleDecember 2nd, 2012 at 12:39 pm

Though I’ve never played in a game with this mechanic, I believe death during character creation to be completely unnecessary. What’s the point of making a character if s/he’s going to die before the first game.

FolcoTookDecember 3rd, 2012 at 4:12 pm

Thanks for the Saving the Game link. I’m just about caught up on the episodes and am really enjoying it.

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