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Episode 377 – D&D 5th edition
by Dan Repperger

* (0:28) Please let us know if you’re not receiving your Fear the Con 8 Kickstarter rewards. It appears they’re getting blocked as spam.

* (2:23) Our experience at a D&D trivia night for Tim Meehan. You can still donate here. What it felt like being the middle child of the roleplaying hobby.

* (10:13) Getting started with D&D 5th edition.

* (14:52) Comparisons between Pathfinder and D&D 5th edition.

* (22:21) The table-side value of giving more XP to low level characters.

* (26:42) Differences between Adventure League and Pathfinder Society.

* (29:28) The position of Adventure League to leverage off of Pathfinder Society. The familiar versus the new.

* (33:28) The difference between min-maxing and an effective character. Stack Exchange for roleplaying games.

Hosts: Chad, Dan, Julia, Wayne

Episode 376 – head-canon
by Dan Repperger

* (0:44) Being a fan for a second time.

* (2:24) What’s missing in American politics.

* (4:26) The winners of the Battletech drawing. More giveaways are coming very soon, so keep up with Fear the Boot’s Twitter feed. You can find Chris’ Twitter feed here and Dan’s here.

* (5:34) The Baby Shoes flash fiction anthology.

* (6:01) The Kickstarter for Loaded Up and Truckin’.

* (6:41) Head-canon. What it is and why we have it.

* (17:04) Handling contradictory head-canons within a gaming group.

Hosts: Dan

Episode 375 – villains and antagonists
by Dan Repperger

* (0:32) Medieval torture chairs.

* (1:20) Battletech box set giveaway. All you need to do is follow us on Twitter and tweet #GenCon2015 along with the name of a ‘Mech you like. Don’t know the ‘Mechs? Just tell us that, or you can find some here.

* (1:50) Additional giveaways at the whim of Chris.

  • Dark Souls: Prepare to Die (PC)
  • Motocross Madness (XBOX)
  • BattleBlock Theater (XBOX)
  • Mark of the Ninja (XBOX)
  • Dungeon Fighter LIVE: Fall Of Hendon Myre (XBOX)
  • Orcs Must Die! (XBOX)

* (4:15) Designing a villain for an RPG. The importance of depth. How to make your players care about him/her/it.

* (9:34) The force of nature.

* (13:13) The unstoppable force.

* (17:14) The ends justify the means.

* (2037) The fallen hero.

* (21:45) The madman.

* (23:53) The selfish or greedy. Slick Rick’s Children’s Story.

* (26:46) Personal enemy.

* (28:41) Pure evil.

* (35:24) Differing moral priorities or perspectives.

* (37:19) Someone panicked.

* (38:56) The fanatic.

* (40:27) A relatable but selfish need.

* (42:20) The devotee.

Hosts: Brodeur, Dan, Pat, Wayne

Episode 374 – starting Battletech
by Dan Repperger

* (1:00) Battletech box set giveaway. All you need to do is follow us on Twitter and tweet #GenCon2015 along with the name of a ‘Mech you like. Don’t know the ‘Mechs? Just tell us that, or you can find some here.

* (1:28) The D&D trivia night for Tim Meehan at the Fantasy Shop. The flyer with all of the details can be found here. The event will be held at the Fantasy Shop’s new location. You can also donate online.

* (2:52) Pick up a copy of the Baby Shoes flash fiction anthology!

* (4:03) Getting started with Battletech. Catalyst has a portal page for new players, but I’ll link the five things I think you need most below.

* (20:04) My preferred editions of Battletech and Mechwarrior.

* (21:51) The “Klans”.

* (22:28) How I would have handled Battletech’s history in the latter days of FASA.

Hosts: Dan

Episode 373 – Gen Con 2015 and RPG factions
by Dan Repperger

* (1:02) Asheville Scarefest in Asheville, North Carolina on October 23 – 25. You can find them at their website or on Facebook.

* (1:44) Fear the Boot is now available on SoundCloud!

* (2:30) Battletech box set giveaway. All you need to do is follow us on Twitter and tweet #GenCon2015 along with the name of a ‘Mech you like. Don’t know the ‘Mechs? Just tell us that, or you can find some here.

* (4:26) Some of the products I saw doing very well at Gen Con include…

* (7:23) A big thanks to Derek Knutsen from THE ESTABLiSHED FACTS and Tim Patrick from Critical Glitch for helping me get some con-exclusives.

* (9:14) My love-hate relationship with con-exclusives.

* (13:07) Identifying with a faction in a work of fiction.

* (21:51) An upcoming crossover with One Shot Podcast.

Hosts: Dan

Episode 372 – comics
by Dan Repperger

* (1:09) Comics and roleplaying games. Early Garfield and Garfield Minus Garfield.

* (14:10) Our dearth of comic book and superhero games.

* (26:50) Superhero games we’ve played recently.

* (42:15) Guilty pleasures.

Hosts: Brodeur, Chad, Dan, Wayne

Bonus Episode 61 – Bedtime Stories 6
by Dan Repperger

* (0:23) Why Brodeur is still on the show. The card game, Poop.

* (9:49) Dan versus his Dad.

* (13:43) Brodeur versus the city of Valley Park.

* (20:14) Chad versus the purse snatcher.

* (28:55) Dan versus his dogs.

* (32:13) Chad versus a car door.

* (35:29) Wayne’s Mom versus some off-brand non-SUV.

* (38:39) Drivers versus heart attacks.

* (40:34) Brodeur versus his parents.

* (52:38) Continuity in character backgrounds.

Hosts: Brodeur, Chad, Dan, Wayne

Episode 371 – passivity
by Dan Repperger

* (1:03) Sojourn Volume 3 is accepting submissions. You can find the details here.

* (2:03) Collaborative game building on our forums, run by Gyro LC.

* (7:46) Being the group dad (or mom) and organizing events when no one else will.

* (22:31) Wallflowers. People that want to be at a game but simply don’t participate very much.

Hosts: Chad, Dan, John, Pat

Episode 370 – large gaming groups, redux
by Dan Repperger

* (0:35) A thank you note for our community’s donations to The Women’s Safe House.

* (3:05) Charity fundraiser for Tim Meehan. You can donate online, or join the D&D trivia night and silent auction at the St. Charles Fantasy Shop, on August 22nd at 6:00pm. Tables are up to 8 people, costing $20 per person.

* (5:56) The real Mee-how returns! Michal E. Cross does an excellent layout job on Silent Memories. You can get the PDF for free here or view the full Morning Skye Studio site here.

* (13:13) A new take on handling large groups of players, drawing from Chad’s experience at Fear the Con 8, running a game for 16 people. The recipe for Chad’s jambalaya.

* (20:14) Making sure that many people have someone’s attention and something to do.

* (25:17) The value of having connections to other player-characters.

* (30:48) Making every player important to the game.

* (34:33) Giving each PC a simple uniqueness.

* (41:38) Player inaction, whether because the player is a wallflower or it just takes a long time to reach their turn.

* (47:48) Structure and personality.

* (53:07) How to end the game.

Hosts: Chad, Dan, John, Wayne

Bonus Episode 60 – capital ship combat
by Dan Repperger

* (1:45) Setting up the topic and defining some terms. Project Rho.

* (8:06) Chapter 1: The nature of space combat. The X-Wing and acceleration.

* (23:40) Chapter 2: Weapons, distance, and targeting.

* (36:44) Chapter 3: Fighting on the broadside.

* (48:35) Chapter 4: Submarines and battleships. Finding an enemy ship in the vastness of space.

* (57:30) Chapter 5: Faster-than-light and long-distance travel. NASA’s advanced propulsion. The 2-dimensional race track. Alcubierre drives.

* (1:14:26) Chapter 6: Relativistic Kill Vehicles.

* (1:19:18) Chapter 7: Robots vs Humans.

* (1:23:35) Chapter 8: Ship damage and shields.

* (1:25:54) Chapter 9: The influence of the Air Force. Tabletop games.

Hosts: Dan

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