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Episode 405 – RPGs and mental health, part 1
by Dan Repperger

* (0:39) Mental health as a topic, why we’re talking about it, and some important disclaimers.

* (8:49) Why this relates so closely to gaming.

* (13:47) Dan’s history and issues.

* (18:41) The uniqueness of the conditions when compared to “normal” thoughts. The courage of getting treatment.

* (26:04) The anatomy of a panic attack.

* (27:24) PTSD can come from any serious trauma.

* (28:54) Brodeur’s history and issues.

* (32:47) The anatomy of PTSD.

* (34:39) Wayne’s history and issues.

* (38:03) Medication as a way to get a handle on an issue.

* (40:13) Time does not heal all wounds, but there are ways to cope. The Anxiety & Phobia Workbook.

* (46:22) Advice to people that know someone suffering from a mental disorder.

Hosts: Brodeur, Chris, Dan, Wayne

Episode 404 – episode not found
by Dan Repperger

* (0:40) Pulp Gamer isn’t gone—just the network.

* (1:30) Drucon. Special thanks to Adam, Bob, and Derek.

* (2:43) Introducing Aisha and thanks to our Patreon backers. Her history with roleplaying games and video games.

* (15:32) How some hosts are hard to edit.

* (19:58) Our main topic: Old school ideas that still have value.

* (27:22) The use of common sense regarding random charts.

* (30:37) Something 5th edition brought back: Character Archetypes.

* (34:01) Brodeur hates 5th edition and wants it to die.

* (34:55) In defense of collars. Or callers.

* (38:41) In defense of RP scripts.

* (42:13) Brodeur’s Sidebars: Exploring things OOC.

* (46:41) Box text.

* (49:20) Encounter XP.

* (54:01) You can welcome Aisha through her forum profile.

Hosts: Aisha, Brodeur, Dan, Wayne

Episode 403 – from failure to opportunity
by Dan Repperger

* (0:31) With Pulp Gamer closing their network, Fear the Boot is now a proud member of the RPG Academy network of shows.

* (1:20) TsunamiCon in Wichita, KS, from October 7th to 9th. You can find their page here and support their Kickstarter here.

* (4:07) Where’s Dan? Wayne went to a shibari event once… Also, duct tape is not to be used for bondage.

* (5:02) After effects of the index card suggestions: Brodeur’s game of reckless colonial expansion, party-throwing, and “What’s money for?”

* (11:06) The problem with index carding: Which of these things do I actually get around to doing?

* (19:33) Problematic Plothook Parties.

* (21:34) Success with consequences in Blades in the Dark.

* (28:07) Game aftercare for GMs and players.

* (29:47) They always wanna kill his girls. Maybe it’s Pavlovian at this point.

* (31:08) The serial killer, and how Chad screwed up.

* (37:31) The forest for the trees. Table rules regarding phones. Salvaging the game from a plot hole and too many weeks off.

* (51:29) NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: I hate you too, Brodeur and Sgt. Dan.

Hosts: Brodeur, Chad, Sgt. Dan, Wayne

Episode 402 – a garage sale find
by Dan Repperger

* (2:29) Chad’s garage sale find. You can find the relevant images here.

* (10:46) On the formation of “The White Box”, the first complete D&D set.

* (14:46) Dan reads the sample roleplaying text in his bedroom voice.

* (17:40) A touching foreword from Tom Moldvay.

* (20:08) A page of Inspirational Reading.

* (21:35) The RPGA form and the Roll20 Survey.

* (26:14) Where it all went wrong.

* (28:37) Alignment languages.

* (30:10) Mappers, Callers, and sheet clutter.

* (33:14) Who WERE these people?!

* (39:13) Critiquing the character.

* (47:04) Dramatic reading ideas.

Hosts: Brodeur, Chad, Dan, Wayne

Episode 401 – red, yellow, green
by Dan Repperger

* (1:24) Patreon milestones coming up, including a live-stream Shadowrun AP.

* (2:36) Dan played D&D 5E, and he liked it. Pat thinks it should feel wrong, but it feels so right, instead.

* (14:48) Improving games by using the Stoplight.

* (18:11) Removing the red lights to preserve feelings.

* (20:25) Pat’s take on the advantages of open communication.

* (24:00) Phrasing the suggestions to be future-oriented instead of past-oriented.

* (26:26) Stoplighting also needs to be applicable to GMs.

* (34:14) Filling out a form for yourself.

* (37:59) Chris’ short film, It Figures, is being played at the Gen Con Film Festival.

* (39:34) Why the Stoplight is worth doing.

Hosts: Dan, Pat, Wayne

Episode 400 – boat anchor characters
by Dan Repperger

* (0:29) Fear the Boot is now 10 years old!

* (4:39) The three promises of Fear the Boot: no ads in the show, no politics or religion, and never putting primary content behind a pay wall.

* (9:35) Ways we want to improve the show over the next 10 years.

* (12:40) If you want to help the show, Fear the Boot’s Patreon, milestones, and backer rewards can be found here.

* (18:05) Some thanks to the hosts, listeners, and industry professionals that have helped make this all possible.

* (19:46) Things that have changed for us over the past 10 years.

* (29:36) Dan mentions Stellaris (which is a great game) but actually meant Rebel Galaxy.

* (30:02) Explaining boat anchor characters and how they change the parameters of what’s occurring in the game.

* (34:47) A child Chad played in a sci-fi game and an old man he played in a post-apocalyptic game.

* (44:41) Adjusting the game to accommodate such characters, or opting not to allow them at all.

* (50:17) Looking around you for inspiration and understanding.

* (51:56) Discussing the changes to the game before it begins.

Hosts: Chad, Dan, Pat, Wayne

Episode 399 – side games, redux
by Dan Repperger

* (0:54) Revisiting side games.

* (1:39) How we deviated from our prior advice.

* (3:47) Chad loses InSpectres and switches to Wilderness of Mirrors.

* (6:13) On the activities of the players and their gang.

* (9:18) Objective 1: Kill James Waite.

* (11:28) Not keeping the side game and main game related.

* (12:32) Could players that aren’t there for side games be left in the dark?

* (28:18) Easter Eggs for longtime fans that aren’t necessary information to understanding the plot.

* (31:57) Going back in time.

* (33:48) Generating game ideas by asking what the players would like to learn more about.

Hosts: Brodeur, Chad, Dan, Pat

Episode 398 – one-hour games
by Dan Repperger

* (0:32) Running a game in a very short time slot. A possible Skies of Glass show series and Wayne’s lunch game.

* (2:33) Keeping this a fully-developed game instead of using a specialized system or one-off approach.

* (3:20) Limiting the time spent on social interactions.

* (4:05) The value of proactivity. Moving some discussions offline to keep the game going. True Dungeon and Escape STL.

* (11:44) Forced energy and keeping the pace. Putting aside complex rules.

* (20:20) Changes to game prep and execution.

* (31:59) Chad’s character concept.

* (35:23) Being episodic or skipping over periods of transition between major plot points. The potential sacrifice of some player agency.

* (42:55) Being pro-player when their agency is reduced.

Hosts: Chad, Dan, Pat

Episode 397 – side games for continuity
by Dan Repperger

* (0:30) Pat’s messed up sound levels and a really strange rant remind Dan that you can now get Fear the Boot on Google Play.

* (4:35) Running smaller, lower-prep games—that are related to your main campaign—to save the game from dying during downtime.

* (15:21) Some ground rules for making games like this work.

* (27:42) Keeping the side game from eclipsing the main game.

* (37:37) Keeping the tone of the side game from affecting the main game.

* (41:54) Fear the Boot’s Warframe clan. You can download the game here and find details on the clan here.

Hosts: Brodeur, Chad, Dan, Pat

Episode 396 – voices
by Dan Repperger

* (0:29) Welcoming back James from The One Shot Podcast. Our prior interview with them can be found here. The Pulp Gamer accent CDs can still be purchased as audiobooks.

* (4:08) The Kickstarter for Noisy Person Cards.

* (8:35) The value of using alternate voices in a roleplaying game.

* (13:09) Adding emotion to the voice.

* (16:29) The intensity of an emotion. Drawing on life experiences to make the emotion more real.

* (25:12) The cadence of a voice. Billy West’s interview on Fresh Air.

* (27:38) Changing up the characters.

* (46:48) Paracosm Press.

Hosts: Chris, Dan, James, John

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