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Episode 416 – the inconsequential
by Dan Repperger

* (0:24) The Mic-er Conspiracy, and editing what people say.

* (2:26) Dan has a story!

* (10:12) How Dan’s story ties into gaming. The Facebook thread on the topic. Chekhov’s Gun.

* (15:24) The difference in how we search for meaning in life versus how we do so in an RPG.

* (19:21) A tangent about Tarantino and the Rules of Eating in cinema. Everyday events that don’t matter to the plot.

* (22:15) Brodeur’s counterpoint: Events need to further the game.

* (26:04) Chekhov’s Candy Sticks.

* (33:13) Why do people drop things? Nowhere Man. The distinction between Chad and Dan putting detail in their games.

* (44:51) Dan visits a casino in D&D 5E.

* (46:13) There are five: The rivers Styx, Lethe, Acheron, Cocyteus, and Phlegethon – Hate, Oblivion, Sadness, Lamentation, and Fire. Dan yells at an undead boat driver.

* (52:38) Conclusions on the incidental. What interviewing an NPC is all about for new listeners.

Hosts: Brodeur, Chad, Dan, Wayne

Episode 415 – Spiders of my Mind
by Dan Repperger

NOTE: This episode is the second half of a recording that began with the prior episode.

* (0:24) Spiders of my Mind, a game about psychotic murderers and an insane asylum. The day and night cycle.

* (18:01) Brodeur asks: What attracted you to this setting? Pat is creepy and was super into a cat.

* (25:14) Chad is diligent in crediting the source of the flashbacks mechanic: Mikel Matthews.

* (30:11) On finding editors.

* (32:15) Brodeur brings up the trouble with playing bad people.

* (40:34) Chad talks about his love of dark games and a particular session about a haunted house.

* (48:05) Brodeur notes that Chad’s not playing these games for “evil is fun”.

Hosts: Brodeur, Chad

Episode 414 – time and maturation
by Dan Repperger

NOTE: The raw recording was enough for two shows, but the topic change left for rather uneven times. This is the first portion, and it’s rather short. The upcoming second portion changes topics and is much longer.

* (0:31) Why Wayne isn’t on the mics.

* (1:09) Dan runs the register. Automats.

* (4:52) Dan gets going, and Brodeur shares his Kickstarter idea.

* (6:22) A conspiracy theory is formed.

* (6:41) Another Kickstarter idea.

* (7:21) How a time jump in Brodeur’s game shakes out.

* (10:35) 48 hours in gaming, and the opportunities that a time-skip affords.

* (16:33) Routine time jumps in a game.

Hosts: Brodeur, Chad, Dan

Episode 413 – proper presentation
by Dan Repperger

* (0:29) Getting Chris to St. Louis. Lovecraft stories and Easter Eggs in Fallout.

* (6:24) The seven intelligences.

* (9:43) Presenting information in the right way to a particular person. Examples from movies and RPGs.

* (13:00) NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: Path of Exile is superior to Diablo 3.

* (15:35) Pat as an analytical player.

* (21:45) Wayne and Dan as additive players.

* (28:13) Brodeur’s GWAR game with the You Tell Me system.

* (30:43) Beth and Dawn as accepting players. Our episode on finite choices.

* (40:57) The summary Chad gave prior to the show. Game moments with or without context.

* (44:53) Adaptability as a two-way street. Robot Chicken’s sketch about Noah.

* (53:58) Sara’s “Knowledge is Power” play-style.

* (1:00:32) The potential pitfalls of the play-styles.

Hosts: Brodeur, Chad, Dan, Pat

Episode 412 – ideas
by Dan Repperger

* (0:28) Andy Warhol gets trolled by Dennis Hopper through Strasbergian emotional memory.

* (4:30) Dropped glasses become art, perhaps because of Yoko Ono’s famous picture?

* (5:41) Chad has an idea to pitch.

* (9:20) Telling good stories without alienating the people they’re about. Catching Pat in his refractory period.

* (17:11) Chad owns MorningSkye.com and can’t seem to opt out of the sale of a similar domain.

* (24:09) Dan’s idea that never happened, and why certain ideas in general don’t get done.

* (37:03) Tying it all together: Things done, things never done, and why.

* (43:43) Dan will try to dig up the Lookout Radio demo.

Hosts: Brodeur, Chad, Chris, Dan, Pat

Bonus Episode 68 – random geekery
by Dan Repperger

* (0:24) Dan will record, anyway. The Pimp’s Prayer (NSFW). Brodeur can’t cry. Tyromancy, the cheese magic.

* (6:39) The lowest form of horror. The 1979 movie, Zombie. The silent film, Un Chien Andalou. Hobo with a Shotgun.

* (17:32) A time jump in Brodeur’s RPG.

* (21:32) Geoff Johns uses physics to make Aquaman a good character. The war between Amazons and Atlanteans. (Correction: The individual that led the defeat of the Amazons was Mopsus the Thracian, not a Theban.)

* (32:21) Running a superhero game in the Bronze Age.

* (36:29) An RPG with a cartoon aesthetic. Grave of the Fireflies, Wings of Honneamise, AnohanaKill la Kill, and Bone Tomahawk.

* (43:56) Red Dwarf and the assassination of JFK. Pokémon, Star Trek VI, the UN, and the comedy of violent politics.

* (48:16) Funny patient names and the Easter Eggs in CMS test data.

* (53:55) The life lesson of Ben-Hur.

Hosts: Brodeur, Chad, Dan, Wayne

Episode 411 – cognitive dissonance
by Dan Repperger

* (0:27) The Facebook post explaining our site difficulties.

* (1:32) The Inkwell Ideas’ Kickstarter for Hexographer 2.

* (3:14) The cognitive dissonance of many gamers regarding fairness and success.

Hosts: Dan

Episode 410 – talking time
by Dan Repperger

* (0:28) Fear the Boot’s crossover with Dead Games Society. Gaming resources that are not sourcebooks.

* (3:43) A sad farewell and all our love to Mark.

* (4:39) Everyone begs for new chairs. Brodeur plans to steal from Good Will.

* (6:10) Game-relevant table talk. Meta-gaming and immersion.

* (17:41) When can a character speak and for how long?

* (24:59) Action timing in Blades in the Dark.

* (32:50) Models of initiative.

* (46:15) Pat takes us back to the original point.

* (49:13) Letting everyone talk—or not!

* (55:25) Chad thanks Brodeur the Elder.

Hosts: Brodeur, Chad, Dan, Pat

Episode 409 – stupid gamer tricks
by Dan Repperger

* (0:29) A loose sound card, Patreon, falling pants, and attack chairs.

* (3:42) The TSA, full-body scanners, and having to take your belt off. Wave of babies.

* (8:14) RPG people tricks, starting with Dan trolling.

* (10:46) Wayne getting the feel of a game.

* (12:16) Brodeur interviews himself.

* (14:04) Dan CAN judge you. But he rehearses his lines, too.

* (16:28) Voices and the methods by which accents can be attained. Theme songs, and more ways to get hyped for a game.

* (22:33) Chad’s confession: The hit points are a lie. Conceptual damage instead of hit points.

* (27:08) It’s not fair?

* (30:30) Wayne asks why.

* (40:37) Naming NPCs after things in the room.

* (44:59) Pregame rituals

* (47:19) Fortunetelling for your NPCs.

Hosts: Brodeur, Chad, Dan, Wayne

Bonus Episode 67 – augmented reality
by Dan Repperger

* (0:22) Horrible things you can do with Pokémon GO.

* (1:04) Augmented Reality and Alternate Reality Games. Drug addiction.

* (7:34) Wayne’s wrestling efed. Gnarl’s adventures on Twitter.

* (17:53) Wayne’s wrestler’s name.

* (26:18) The psychology of roleplaying. The freedom that a mask grants, particularly when it’s a fully articulated gnoll mask.

* (32:30) What would Brodeur say if he had Twitter and a purrsona? Next time, on “Everyone is Furries Furever”. Mind-mouth filtering for the good of mankind.

Hosts: Brodeur, Dan, Wayne

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