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 Forum Cards 
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Post Re: Forum Cards
Noble Bear wrote:
What features would you like to see regarding the game?
What sort of rewards might I include?
What should the video have?
What level of attainable quality should I shoot for?
Any other thoughts?

Features... Hmm...

I know that Munchkin created a set of cards with rotating 10-digit wheels to help you keep track of your (and the monster's) current power level, called the Kill-O-Meter. Maybe something similar could be designed to be a bonus item for the game? Of course, in our case it would just be tracking our current post count.

The base level reward would of course be a copy of the game. Above that... a copy of the game where you've autographed the Noble Bear card? Or possibly where you and Sandpunk have both autographed your cards, or maybe (if you can get the hosts to agree to do it) have the hosts' cards autographed? Just spitballing here.

The kickstarter for Schlock Mercenary: Capitol Offensive (A strategy board game I kicked in for a copy of) had a reward of blank character sheets with which to make your own card, and general rules for designing the character. How about some "blank" cards (Like, two of each card type) for players to put themselves in the deck (if they're not there already) or to add whatever meme they find most amusing?

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Fri Apr 06, 2012 2:31 am
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Post Re: Forum Cards
These are some suggestions based on kickstarter tiers that I've commonly seen.
I'll be curious to see what other booters think, and of course especially the hosts and creators - who knows if they would want to participate in any of these shenanigans.

  • Base Set - $50
    • Set the cost for the base set at some kind of comfortable profit level. Calculate out all of your expenses in getting a single set made and add some amount more to cover postage, any overages, and hopefully put some cash in your pocket.
  • Signed Cards - $125 (Limit 100)
    • The hosts could probably add quite a considerable value, at least among this community. Signed host and creator cards might be somewhere in this ballpark if they're on board. Package an extra unsigned deck at this price to play with so that the player can keep the signed cards nice. Limit the number to however many the hosts feel they're comfortable signing, assuming they agree to it at all.
  • Giant Novelty Card - $250 (Limit 10)
    • A 24x36 poster of any one of the cards in the game, enhanced with additional custom artwork. You would want to have an example image of what this would look like, so people have an idea what to expect. This tier would also come with one signed deck, one unsigned deck.
  • Teach It - $400 (Limit 3)
    • You could offer to personally teach the game to that player at the next Fear the Con (probably FtC 6) or GenCon. I'd recommend setting the cost high enough at this tier to be sure that you can actually go to the event even if only one person takes you up on it (so it might have to be quite a bit more). This tier would also come with one signed deck, and two unsigned decks.
  • Play With The Hosts - $800 (Limit 2)
    • Playing a game with whichever hosts you can get to agree to it at the next Fear the Con and you teaching it. You'll want to make sure that the kickstarter specifies exactly who the player will be playing with. This tier would also come with a Fear the Con t-shirt, one signed deck, and 5 complete unsigned decks of cards.
  • Play At Your Place - $5000 (Limit 1)
    • Fly to the player's town and teach them and their friends the game. This tier would come with with 10 unsigned decks of cards, plus one signed deck. Specify that this is for the continental US only, so you don't get burned on hotel and airfare.

First off, these are all guesses that depend very much on how much it costs you to make a deck. Don't put them up for $50 unless you can be sure that will cover the entire cost of making the deck PLUS shipping in the US.

This plan would mean you'd have to get the hosts to agree to sign 116 cards each.

You'd also be agreeing to make up to 16 different poster sized versions of cards.

Also you're agreeing to play in up to 5 games at FtC and/or Gencon and one game that could be anywhere in the US. The hosts would be agreeing to 2 FtC games.

The total if all limited tiers sold out would be $22,800, plus whatever you made from the first tier. It would be $17,800 plus first tier sales if no one goes for the final tier.

You also might want to run a poll on the forum to see how much interest there is once you get some kind of idea what the tiers will be, just to be sure there is enough interest. Don't count on the poll as accurate in terms of what you'll make, but it should give you an idea if a particular tier will not be popular.

Basically what you're trying to do is balance the following factors:
Can you get the hosts on board? Don't be afraid to pay them, even if its just with a nice lunch or something.
How much does it cost to have a print run done, and what size run gets you a reasonable cost per unit?
How much are booters (your target market) willing to pay for reward tiers?
How much is enough to make it worth it to you to go through with the higher tiers you select?

As for the video:
2. Be yourself, be honest, and give the potential backer a personal story to latch on to.
3. SHOW THE PRODUCT; even an unfinished version is better than nothing. If you can show the product in action, even better.
4. Humor really helps, but don't force it.
5. Cameos! Hosts, mikey, get anybody that you can get that backers might recognise to be in the video. Cameos aren't necessary, but it would be icing on the cake.

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Fri Apr 06, 2012 11:32 pm
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Post Re: Forum Cards
Noble Bear wrote:
What features would you like to see in a ks vid regarding the game?

I think that people who aren't familiar with this forum may need extra attention to decide it's a great game and that they should help make that happen. So, perhaps some examples of the artwork (a lot) and the rules (a little) and maybe even some very brief demonstrations of play. For example, a camera mounted above a table that shows people playing a few cards down and how they interact. I just want to make sure that nonforumites get as excited about this as we are!

Noble Bear wrote:
What sort of rewards might I include?

My favorite rewards are pre-orders for the product. If someone believes in the product, then they'll probably want one! So, I would focus on that. Also, some people will want multiple's as either gifts or so they can re-sell them (like a game store owner, perhaps).

Because of the art aspect, you could also offer cards that have been signed by those involved. If you ask the FtB hosts, perhaps they could sign some cards, as well? (I guess this would depend heavily on timing and shipping.) Then there is signed copies of larger versions of the artwork - 8.5x11 prints? You could also offer things like the initial sketches or pages from a sketch journal or something along those lines.

There may be ancillary that would tempt collectors. Like a custom box for a deck of cards, or a bag? Something that you (or some crafty person you know) could make that would go along with the cards. I don't know, maybe something that could be printed via Cafe Press or Vistaprint that had artwork or a logo on it.

Maybe you can offer a limited number of custom art pieces, like "have yourself drawn in the style used on the cards" or something of that sort.

One other thing, is there anything you could offer people who can't afford to donate the minimum needed to get a deck of the cards? Perhaps something electronic, like a PDF? I don't know if you can make a "print-and-play" version, where someone takes the PDF and prints out their own copy of the cards. If that wouldn't work, perhaps a PDF portfolio of some of the artwork or something along those lines. I just suspect you'll need something for the $5 ~ $20 levels, which may not be enough to cover the actual price of printing and shipping a physical deck.

Noble Bear wrote:
What should the video have?

See video suggestions above.

Noble Bear wrote:
What level of attainable quality should I shoot for?

I think this would depend on printing estimates. I think people will want to have something durable and good-looking enough to play with, though. I have seen a game in which the cards were very thin stock, but the game came with card protectors and that was assumed as a way to improve playability. So, that's possible here as well. I'd be a little disappointed, but then I don't know how much printers charge for quality card stock.

@OgreTeeth has gone through a KS with printed cards, he may be willing to share his experience with you, including how he chose his printer and what decisions and compromises he had to make to see his game made into a reality.

Noble Bear wrote:
Any other thoughts?

I would definitely, DEFINITELY, reach out to one or more people who have had a successful KS campaign and ask for advise. All of the ones I know have reported learning valuable lessons, and there's no reason you have to re-learn the same lessons the hard way. For example, one KS campaigner just realized that the weekends are noticeably quieter then the weekdays ... so ending a KS on a Saturday may rob it of that last-minute push they often get from fans who were sitting on the fence and want to jump in right before finishes. Perhaps ending it on a Friday would be better? Only someone who's gone through it, would know the best day of the week.

Also, it's very useful to have stretch goals and higher tiers of rewards to go along with them, just in case you go over your initial goal. Not every campaign does, and some only go over by a little, but if there is a lot of interest in this game and people really, really want to pre-order the decks, then you may be one of the lucky ones that get 150%, 200%, 300% or more of your starting goal. Having something to shoot for, with rewards prepared, can really help being in the dollars. I've been told that Fred Hicks of Evil Hat Games is a master at organizing KS campaigns including the rewards and stretch goals. One of the techniques I've seen him use is the "when we reach level $X, everyone who's pledged above $Y automatically get's an additional Z." That way, people who have already pledged are encouraged to up their pledges a little, to sweeten the reward they're already getting. For example, maybe if you reach 200% everyone who's pledged enough for a deck of cards will also receive a signed art print. It would only cost a little more to make those, but it sweetens the deal for everyone and gives those that pledged less, to up their pledge to get that art!

In any case, I'm excited to see this move forward and hopefully become a real thing I can hold in my hands. Good luck! :D

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Sat Apr 07, 2012 7:05 pm
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Post Re: Forum Cards
I am just surprised that this is still going...

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Sat Apr 14, 2012 3:53 pm
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Post Re: Forum Cards
LiveEntropy wrote:
I am just surprised that this is still going...

Heh, yeah, I entirely appreciate that. :)

It's taken too long to get done and honestly, I might have given up on this a long time ago were it not for this community hanging in there, pulling for this to reach fruition.

I am so burnt out on school. I am just ready to be done already. If I didn't want the degree so badly, I might have just given up on this as well. I am so tired, mentally, emotionally, and I just need a chance to step back from everything, get my life in order and pursue my interests.

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Sat Apr 14, 2012 4:30 pm
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Post Re: Forum Cards
What features would you like to see in a ks vid regarding the game?
I would definitely include some actual-play footage, even if it's the background while you explain the KS.
Give a quick run-down of the rules and general overview of what the game is about.
I would make mention that, while it started as a forum project, this is a fully formed card game anyone could play.
Agreed on the cameo thing.
Getting a host or two to make a quick video to splice in would help.
Hell, get the forumites themselves to submit a quick 5-10 second clip and splice it up!

What sort of rewards might I include?
Obviously, a deck of cards should be a reward.
Besides that, maybe a reward level that allows the donor to be a card in the game? I realize there would need to be some limitations on this, but it would be enticing to anyone not already included.
A signed copy would be cool too, especially if the host cards were signed as well.
Also, a second on the idea of a custom card-holder for collectors, if you know someone that does that kind of thing or can do it yourself. Even if you got a small wooden/metal box that fits the cards and got the FTBFTW logo etched into it.
A custom print in the game's art style would also make a great reward, as aforementioned.
Also, agreed on the print-and-play reward level. Just a PDF with all the cards would be easy enough.
You could make an expansion set a reward, though I'm not sure how I feel about this idea. Just saying it's a possibility.

What should the video have?
Answered above

What level of attainable quality should I shoot for?
I would set a decent level of quality for a bare minimum, but you could set overage goals, pledging certain improvements at certain level above your required funding.
At the very least, the cards need to be opaque. Outside of that and a request for reasonable thickness, that should be pretty much it.
Host cards could be - though not necessary - printed on a stiffer paper or board (again, maybe a sliding scale depending on funding?).
Also, if the overages reach a certain point, the host cards (and possibly some regular cards?) could possibly be "shiny." Something to think about.

Any other thoughts?
Hmm, I'm pretty hungry at the moment, so I'm all muddied up. I may come back with more thoughts, but for now, I eat. =P

Oh, I would like to mention that I'm still 100% behind this.


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Sun Apr 15, 2012 9:50 pm
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Post Re: Forum Cards
Noble Bear wrote:
LiveEntropy wrote:

I am so burnt out on school. I am just ready to be done already. If I didn't want the degree so badly, I might have just given up on this as well. I am so tired, mentally, emotionally, and I just need a chance to step back from everything, get my life in order and pursue my interests.

This is exactly where I'm at Noble. 1.5 weeks and this nightmare is over for me. TRUDGE ON!

Vidya gaming entertainment!

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Mon Apr 16, 2012 9:37 am
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